Dr. Saad Saad’s Life Lessons

Dr. Saad Saad has been an extremely successful pediatric surgeon for decades and provided countless surgeries during that time. Throughout his career, he learned a variety of life lessons that he’s happy to pass on. Now, after retiring after a 47-year long career, he’s finally ready to pass on those lessons.

These lessons help to enhance further the reputation that Dr. Saad Saad has as an innovative and dedicated pediatric surgeon. The first of these life lessons is to accept nothing less than what you want, and this is especially true when it comes to success.

This was a result of a variety of unfortunate circumstances that led to Dr. Saad Saad and his family being relocated to the West Bank from their native Palestine.

However, the family was eventually able to move to Kuwait as a result of his father being a sought after skilled petroleum mechanic. This led to Dr. Saad Saad learning this valuable lesson at an early age.

Because of this, he knew that education would be vital to success; as someone who could develop a high level of knowledge, he could be anybody he wanted to be.

The second significant life lesson that Dr. Saad Saad learned was not to procrastinate. In the doctor’s words, this is especially true when it comes to not leaving tasks off until tomorrow if you can do them today.

This is what has kept the doctor at his most productive and has been essential to his career as a physician. By doing so, you can then set tasks for yourself to accomplish and be able to do so steadily and progressively. The doctor gave the example of when he decided to become a US Board Certified pediatric surgeon after moving to the United States.

By using his philosophy, Dr. Saad Saad became the first board-certified pediatric surgeon in the United States to be fluent in both Arabic and English. This ended up putting the doctor in quite a unique position; he now holds a position as the chief pediatric surgeon for the Saudi Royal Family.

On top of this, he performs many complex surgeries on children in Saudi Arabia who need it as a way of helping improve their lives. These two life lessons have driven Dr. Saad Saad to become one of the most successful pediatric surgeons in the United States.

In terms of any advice he would give to his younger self, it would be that nothing is impossible if you’re persistent enough. With that frame of mind, Dr. Saad Saad has been able to push the limits of what he believed he could do with his career. As a result, he’s become one of the most respected pediatric surgeons in the world.

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The Continued Hard Work Of Dick DeVos Has Paid Off For The City Of Grand Rapids

Dick DeVos is an American businessman, pilot, and philanthropist who has been working for many years to make life better for people in Michigan and the United States. Before the Gerald R. Ford International Airport became the thriving airport that it is today, he made a deal to bring in AirTran. He convinced the airline company to offer nonstop flights out of Grand Rapids by calling its CEO on the phone. Months later, AirTran was bought out by Southwest, and he got right to work convincing the airline to continue service in Grand Rapids.


Being the savvy businessman that he is, Dick DeVos put forward the idea that Southwest should not just stay at the Gerald R. Ford International but that it should increase its offerings. After this, the airline began to add more flights at the airport, and the airport continued to be a success to this day. What many people don’t know about the deal that DeVos made is the fact that he agreed to take part in convincing Southwest only if he could do it his way. He didn’t want it being widely reported because he needed time to make a deal in private with the airline, and this worked out greatly.


Dick DeVos has been a large part of many other deals that have helped to improve the city of Grand Rapids. In the early 1990s, he helped put a stop to a plan that could have been disastrous for the city. At that time, there was talk of building a multi-use sports and convention center near the city’s downtown region. He got right on the phone and began to build a lobbying effort. His efforts helped to build Grand Action, which is a group of business leaders that have been very influential with the success of the city.


Dick DeVos knew that the idea for the convention center and arena was a bad one because his experience told him so. During the 1970s, he witnessed the financial distress that the building of the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills had created for Detroit. The problem wasn’t the arena itself but had to do with the fact that the Detroit Lions and Pistons later left the city. Thanks to Dick DeVos, the city of Grand Rapids didn’t have to learn the same lesson as Detroit had. Today, Grand Rapids has, both, an arena and separate convention center and is thriving thanks to the hard work of Mr. DeVos.


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Fortress Investment Group’s Future Looks Bright

2018 was a huge year that brought some big changes and developments at Fortress Investment Group and 2019 looks like it’s shaping up to be a big year as well. The company has been known to make headlines over the last 20 years after being the first company to go public in their field. While they may have been the first for that achievement, they achieved another first by becoming a private company once again after being purchased by SoftBank in 2018.

SoftBank gave Fortress Investment Group this opportunity by purchasing them for the impressive sum of $3.3 billion but still allowing them to operate largely independently. This purchase and privatization will allow the company to continue making big investments in real private equity alongside real estate. While the company may have begun as a hedge fund, they managed to expand into a global company with many investment and financial vehicles. They first became public back in 2007 after creating an IPO on the NYSE.

The real estate ventures of Fortress Investment Group are being integrated into some of the other projects from SoftBank. The vision fund from SoftBank already has invested in startups that are related to real estate such as Compass, OpenDoor, and Katerra. With the extensive experience that Fortress Investment Group already has in real estate, they are expected to be a valuable asset for SoftBank’s plans to expand their company into several different markets. One of the most notable projects includes a development in Times Square that is expected to include an innovative retail space, entertainment, and hotel. Companies such as YouTuve, Samsung, Facebook, and Amazon have already expressed an interest in the project.

2018 included innovative developments in areas other than real estate as well. Private credit is becoming a big market as banks are providing fewer funds for private and public companies. They are creating private lending pools to be able to provide these companies with funding to help them grow or address issues in distressed companies. There are reports that state that Fortress Investment Group may be raising around $2 billion for their direct funding efforts.

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Ashley Lightspeed: Successful Endeavors and Educational Finance

Ashley Lightspeed studied and created a business method for her successful career. Ashley Lightspeed made extensive and important efforts in college in order to facilitate her position at Lightspeed. Ashley Lightspeed consistently serves customers in her role. College courses can require intricate study times that are difficult for students to understand. Many university students have to find creative ways to study. There are many methods commonly used for the purpose of studying. One of the most common techniques is the “speak out loud technique.

This technique requires students to verbally recite what they read. Verbally reciting written text can create a better understanding of the knowledge. If one verbally recites a paragraph, they are more likely to become familiar with the text. Reciting text is usually done in increments. For example, a student may verbally recite three paragraphs and then take a break. Taking a break allows the student to absorb what they read. If a student is not given a break, they may not be able to comprehend the same level of knowledge. See more of Ashley at medium.com

The next technique used for studying is known as “note taking.” Taking a note allows the student to write each letter in accordance with the study guide. Writing trains the brain to learn what is right and what is wrong. By training the brain through written guides, students can learn quickly and easily. The last technique used for studying is known as “reading comprehension.” After a student reads an important piece of information, they are tested on it. For example, a teacher may require students to read a passage. After the passage has been read, students are tested on the material. If the students pass the test, they are able to advance. Once the student is allowed to pass the course, they begin a new semester.

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Sandy Chin

Sandy Chin is a professional with vast knowledge in the field of investment. She is based in New York City. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Barnad College. She got her MBA at New York University’s Stern School of Business. Sandy Chin has a rich 20 Year experience in investment management.

Sandy Chin is a mentor for many young women stepping out in the world of finance. Currently, she is serving as a portfolio manager at Hedge fund Tidal Bore Capital, which with the help of her mentor was launched in the year 2016. Sandy also started a non-profitable organization by the name StreetSquash. The organization aims to support schools, children and families in Harlem and also Newark.

In the world today, it can be very confusing when starting a new career, especially for young people. Sometimes you might come short of directions, motivation and ideas. Establishing yourself in a new career is quite challenging. You fail to understand where you will start. Therefore, you need individuals with the necessary knowledge skill and experience to guide you through the process to be successful in the field you are venturing into.

These bring out the importance of mentorship. For those planning to move to the next level in their respective careers, they need to acknowledge the important role a mentor plays in their development. Sandy Chin says that to progress, you must put into account a few facts:

Mentors offer valuable lessons in the field.

Sandy met William Bill Leach, her mentor after she joined his investment team. According to Sandy, she learned a lot of important lessons from William. Chief among them are; you should never turn down a meeting. Even though the company may be small or the analyst is a junior.

Always make a point of asking questions.

Mentors Contribute Knowledge and experience.

Mentors play an important role in contributing to your knowledge and your experience as Sandy explains it plays a vital role in one’s industry.

Mentors help open new opportunities.

Sandy chin explains that mentors help in opening new doors for you. You meet new people through your mentor. This in turns translates to new business opportunities for you.

Mentors answer important questions.

Sandy Chins explains that Mentors can answer questions that you may have. This includes questions about succeeding in the current industry.

Mentors help you avoid mistakes.

Due to the vast experience that the mentors have in the field, Sandy Chin explains that they will help you avoid the costly mistakes they made in the past. Another good reason to have a mentor.

A good mentor is essential to one’s success; in addition, it plays an important role in realizing one’s dream.

Dr. Sachedina’s Contribution to the Society

Sachedina is a distinguished professional in the healthcare sector. He was born in Tanzania and migrated to England at his tender age. Shafik Sachedina joined a medical school at Guys Hospital Medical and later the University of London and qualified for the award of Dental Surgery degree. Dr. Shafik Sachedina has worked with numerous institutions since leaving school. His exceptional skills and expertise in his field have enabled him to serve under different capacities in the dental sector.

Shafik has established himself as one of the most qualified dental surgeons in Europe. His diverse skills and experience in the field have enabled him to work with some of the most distinguished health institutions in London. Shafik Sachedina is also an exceptional leader and philanthropist who strives to ensure that the community receives quality services. Some of his leadership positions include leading the Sussex Healthcare Board. The primary objective of Sussex Healthcare Institution is the provision of quality healthcare services to the patients through a patient-centered approach. Sussex Healthcare operates more than twenty homes that care for persons living with disabilities and the elderly. More about of Shafik Sachedina on Crunchbase

Dr. Sachedina’s Leadership

Dr. Sachedina also coordinates the activities of Jamati institutions. He serves as the head of the department of the institution and ensures the smooth running of the events and programmes. Jamati institutions operate in sixteen branches, and Dr. Shafik leads in the delegation of duties in all the sixteen branches. Dr. Shafik Sachedina loves participating in community activities. He has engaged actively in the events of the Institute of Ismaili studies for a long time. The institute’s central role is the creation of awareness about Islamic culture through publications.

Dr. Shafik also participates in philanthropy activities. He is a dedicated member of the Aga Khan Development Network Committee. He also heads the Focus Humanitarian Assistance and Coordinating Committee, an organization aimed at helping people impoverished people meet their basic needs. Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a dedicated person in his field. He has volunteered his services as the president of the Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom.

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Cassio Audi: Extensive Knowledge for Brazilian Business

Cassio Audi, unique and respected Brazilian businessman, has studied and applied his knowledge to the financial industry. Cassio Audio serves as the CFO for a successful and reputable investment firm located in Brazil. Brazilian investment firms are critical to the overall success of South America’s financial market. He previously worked as an income analyst. Income analysts are used for many different reasons. Income analysts may be needed to lower a company’s expenses. Individuals and cooperations utilize income analysts. Certain companies will hire an analyst to study company patterns and create a new system that is easier and more economical. Cassio Audio worked for years as a proprietary analyst. Cassio Audio worked for a manufacturing company in Brazil during his earlier years.

Cassio Audi

Manufacturing companies can manufacture a range of products ranging from plastics and metals to natural materials and resources. Manufacturing plastics and metals require similar facilities and machinery. The machinery used in manufacturing plastics is typically sold wholesale to the factory. Once the factory is established, a blueprint is created for success. Once the templates for the product are created, the factory employees workers to operate the machinery. Safety and health precautions are critical aspects to the industry’s success and advancement. To know more about him click here.

Equities First Holdings Is Growing A Rapid Rate Helping People

Equities First Holdings is a great investment group that is expanding all over the world as they want to be available for everyone in the world to have options for personal loans without a credit score. The stock-based loan is a great way for people that don’t have much of a credit score to get a personal loan that they can use to meet whatever goals they have without hurting their family or risking something like their car. The stock-based loans are very low in interest as the company wants to make it easy for those people to pay it back as there is very little risk for the company as well. Over the years because of all this they have attracted many people that are in need of a personal loan as everyone is looking for the best deal and the best interest rate. Right now the company is growing a rapid rate helping people with their loans and getting a great reputation as they have great customer service as well.

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Isn’t It Romantic is an upcoming film that has already gained a lot of media attention before its premiere that is set for 13th February. The film features Rebel Wilson as the lead actress, Liam Hemsworth, and Priyanka Chopra. The film is a romantic comedy that focuses on the life of Natalie who is an architect. She is from Australia and lives in New York.

Natalie is passionate about her work and is continuously working to improve her work and gain the approval of her bosses. She encounters a mugger on her way from work who she tries to scare away. She gets knocked out on the alley floor and wakes up to find herself in an opposite world.

This new world is fantasy filled and to escape Natalie has to find love. Isn’t It Romantic follow the journey of Natalie as she sets out to find the right man for herself in the midst of adjusting to the new world.

The movie is set to be a success with its amazing cast and storyline. Warner Bros. Pictures will release the movie in the United States while Netflix will premier it worldwide. Many have marked the date of the release on their calendars waiting to watch the one of a kind film. Seeing the now successful Rebel Wilson, one cannot associate her with the once shy young version of herself. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

She was close to her mother and siblings growing up and was always the quiet one. Her humble beginnings did not prevent her from flourishing in the film industry. Penetrating the American industry is not easy especially for an Australian actress like Rebel, but she has managed to achieve this feat.

Rebel went to Tara Anglican School of Girls and graduated in 1997. It was while in her school that she first tried stage acting after being pushed by her drama teacher to do so. She was not entirely interested in actin as she thought that she would pursue a career in mathematics.

After high school, she became an International Youth Ambassador for Australia’s Rotary Program. She worked with the organization for a year and traveled to South Africa at some point. She contracted malaria while there and saw herself winning an Oscar as an actress during a hallucination.

Her thirst for acting began there, and she set out to turn her dream into reality. She has the education to back up her career as she attended the Australian Theater for Young People and also the University of New South Wales.

Rebel has tons of experience when it comes to acting as she started at a very young age. She is now an icon in the eyes of many of her fans with the skills to back her up.

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Talkspace: Michael Phelps Talks About How He Fights Depression

When it comes to mental health, there are still a lot of us who don’t know how to cope up. Although access to mental therapy and other medications are now more accessible than ever, it being a societal taboo is still in existence. Even famous personalities are not exempted in feeling pressured and depressed. Michael Phelps, one of the most popular athletes around the world, admits that even him suffers from depression and anxiety. Check out indeed.com to read more reviews on talkspace.

As a professional athlete, Michael Phelps revealed that he is also coping with the downs of his career. The pressure and depression are stronger when dealing with a recent defeat. Phelps revealed how an app saved his life. Using Talkspace Reviews, he was able to reach the help that he needed with professional and licensed therapists. The app provides counseling via therapists online. Phelps also revealed how the app is so convenient because it can be accessed everywhere he goes and any time he needs and can be accessed in different mediums such as video, text or by other means. In addition, Phelps also joined the Board of Advisors which are creating and implementing mental strategies to help its members.

Talkspace is not only convenient for its members, but also for its therapists. One of its professional therapists, Melissa Moreno, reported that she wakes up at 5:45 AM and sleeps at 10:00 PM. When she wakes up, she will commence in her usual mindfulness, gratitude, and breathing exercises before attending to her clients. After the first morning routine, she will then attend to his son’s need for school and gets ready for her another work.

Moreno is also a Facility Director at a non-secure program for adolescent boys, which she implements Sanctuary and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. After her work at the facility, she will attend her clients in Talkspace for her night session. In addition, she can still catch up to her favorite TV shows or books. Technology made this schedule possible and more convenient for both parties. Learn more: https://www.bustle.com/articles/61531-does-text-therapy-actually-work-i-tried-talkspace-and-heres-what-it-was-like